The T.B. Joshua Museum is a repository of love that chronicles the story of the miraculous birth, destined life, passing on to Glory and great legacy of a divine man. Today and for future years to come, the exhibit is for the public to learn about this great man, witness his works, marvel at his devotion to God and his love for people. The Museum is a place where international visitors are inspired by the life and legacy of T.B. Joshua to become catalysts for positive change in their own lives, families, communities and indeed the world. The atmosphere of the Museum is serene, inspirational, nostalgic, reflective and hopeful. It is situated adjacent to the Mausoleum of T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN’s revered and beloved founder, who passed on to Glory on 5 June 2021. T.B. Joshua is the eponym of The T.B. Joshua Museum.

The T.B. Joshua Museum

The Museum is an embodiment of one of T.B. Joshua’s most poignant quotes: “The beauty of achievement is when we no longer live and our achievement is still there, continuing to linger on in the eyes and ears of children yet unborn”. Its arrangement is inspired by the Biblical passage from Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 2 (NIV) “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heavens: a time to be born and a time to die ...” Words which T.B. Joshua echoed minutes before his passing.


At the entrance of The T.B. Joshua Museum sits what is simply referred to as the “Stone”. The exhibited stone crashed through the roof of T.B. Joshua’s home during his naming ceremony when he was a new born baby. A video recording plays above the Stone exhibit – the words of an eye witness of that fateful day in June 1963. The elderly woman – a member of T.B. Joshua’s extended family – recalls and narrates the story to T.B. Joshua, saying: “A water pipe was being dug at a nearby site and you were laid here, sleeping. Shockingly, a stone flew from the site through this zinc and landed very close to where you were sleeping ... Jesus rescued you ... This is the very stone. It is the very one ... I did not throw it away. It is part of history.”

Today, the same Stone – preserved for over five decades – carries historical depth and is a precious symbol of T.B. Joshua’s earthly beginning. The Museum progresses into a section titled “Early Life & Humble Beginning” with pictorial exhibits of T.B. Joshua’s father, mother and T.B. Joshua’s formative years. In this chapter of The T.B. Joshua Museum, various photographs and videos of his childhood are on display: A class photograph with his classmates in primary school, his wooden seat from 1977 as well as a video recording of his former primary school teacher sharing her recollections of the special childhood of T.B. Joshua.


T.B. Joshua’s growth in age is reflected in the chronology of the Museum - with its continuation flowing into his years as an extraordinary young man. At a young age T.B. Joshua portrayed significant Biblical and spiritual prowess. This section of the Museum reflects T.B. Joshua as he grew in age and stature

Divine inspiration

Rarely seen photographs of a young T.B. Joshua at The Holy Land walking in the paths of Jesus Christ are displayed in the following section of the Museum titled “Divine Calling: Life after Life”. This section, through videos and photographs, echoes the time T.B. Joshua received his divine inspiration from God to start his ministry, The SCOAN. 

The great man T.B. Joshua, valued by many, is also a family man. The T.B. Joshua Museum moves to the next segment that shows T.B. Joshua with his family – his wife and three daughters – in family portraits. 

At the heart and centre is the demonstration of the many years of T.B. Joshua’s great works in the ministry of charity, prayer, healing, deliverance, teaching, and more in chapters of the Museum titled: “Let Love Lead” and “Changing Lives, Nations and the World”. 

T.B. Joshua’s most recognizable clothing, his Bible and faith items – that he used during his times of prayer – are exhibited in glass cases in a section of the Museum. 

The T.B. Joshua Museum unfurls some of the less known features of T.B. Joshua – such as his handwriting which is reflected across a special wall. The penultimate section of the Museum is an exact replica of T.B. Joshua’s office where he worked hard conducting administration of the church’s activities and where he counseled and prayed for many who visited The SCOAN on pilgrimages. There is an exhibit of photographs with T.B. Joshua and various government officials and heads of state who T.B. Joshua advised and prayed for.  


The concluding chapter of the Museum is titled: “A Time for Everything” and preserves the last day of T.B. Joshua’s physical presence in this world in videos and photographs. T.B. Joshua spent his last physical moments on earth lovingly pouring into the lives of people during a partners’ meeting service at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain – teaching and preaching – where he prophetically echoed the Biblical words found in Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 2. He particularly said: “Time for everything – time to come here for prayer and time to return home after the service.” 


The T.B. Joshua Museum houses a glimpse into the story of a great Biblical Prophet of the 21st century who shared the love of God with everyone, irrespective of race, class or religion. As a repository of the life and legacy of a humble man of love whom God used greatly, the T.B. Joshua Museum is a record that ultimately seeks “to encourage the weak and those without fast legs and without human help that there is Hope, Jesus is the Hope.” 

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